Representative Council election 2017: Step by step instructions for entering as a candidate

Are you interested in making a difference? Do you have strong opinions about what the Student Union should be working on? Do you want to decide on matters like how big the membership fee should be or who should be in the Student Union board?

Entering the Representative Council election as a candidate is easy and every member of the Student Union can do it!

1. Go to the VYY website: The site has a lot of information on the election as well as all the necessary election documents and instructions. The site includes a FAQ section, which answers questions like “What is the Representative Council and what does it do?”
2. You can enter the election as a non-partisan candidate or as part of an electoral coalition. You should get to know the different electoral coalitions and contact the coalition proxies for more information if you have any questions. Here’s a list of electoral coalitions that have been announced so far (we will update this list as necessary): 
a. Punavihreä Allianssi: Matias Kvist,,
b. Tuttilaiset: Tuukka Toivonen,,
c. Unioni: Tapani Veija,,
d. Vaasan Kampusporvarit: Ville Hakanen,,
e. Warranttilaiset: Niklas Hayles,

NOTE! If you want to start your own electoral coalition, please contact the chair of the Central Election Board Mathilda Vähäkangas as soon as possible at
3. Fill out the Declaration of Candidacy form and return in to the Secretary General of the Student Union by Wednesday 11.10.2017 at the latest (if you enter as a non-partisan candidate) or to the proxy of your electoral coalition (if you enter as a candidate of an electoral coalition).
4. Candidate lists will be published on Monday 16.10. by 12:00. The electoral coalitions and candidates may begin their electioneering on the same day 16.10. after 12:00. As much as you’d love to advertise your candidacy already, please save your slogans and election buzz until this date and time!
5. After the candidate lists have been published, the candidates are invited to give their answers in the online candidate matcher, which has 10 national and 10 local questions about student unions. The candidate matcher is an easy way for voters to find their best candidate, so make sure you give your answers to the candidate matcher!
6. Remember fair play in your election campaign and take others into consideration. Don’t be a jerk to your fellow candidates!
7. VYY organizes an election panel, where different electoral coalitions get to present their own election themes and engage in a lively debate in good spirits.
8. That’s it! All that’s left to do is to wait for the election results. VYY organizes an election night event on 8.11. from 20:00 onwards at the new Tørst Company.
9. Remember that even if you do not get elected as a member of the Representative Council, every candidate who received at least one vote is a deputy representative, who may be called, in order of their comparison figure, to use their vote at a meeting!

It’s that easy!

The election is carried out as a single transferable vote system. Here’s a nifty instructional video that shows how the system works:

The Representative Council Election is coming and during the next 8 weeks we will be updating this blog with useful information about the election. You should also check out the election site on Facebook (VYY:n edarivaalit) and the VYY website for more information about the election.