Student card

There are two kinds of student cards available: the digital Frank App student card and the traditional plastic student card. As a student union member, you can get and use both if you wish.

Frank App

The Frank App (available for iOS and Android smart phones) is a digital student card that grants you access to all the same benefits as the plastic student card. Frank App is free to install and use, and will automatically stay valid for all students who have paid the student union membership fee and registered as attending with the university.

Plastic student card

Plastic student cards are ordered online via the Frank service, and the card fee must be paid online from a bank account or by credit card when ordering. A student card is valid for the entire period of study, with a new valid academic year sticker is attached to it each year.

There are four types of plastic student cards:

  • student card without the payment feature,
  • student card with MasterCard payment feature,
  • international ISIC combination card (has the MasterCard payment feature),
  • post-graduate student card (green color).