VYY members include all University of Vaasa undergraduate students, which includes all students doing their lower (Bachelor’s) and higher (Master’s) degree studies. Student Union membership starts after attendee registration is complete and the membership fee is paid, and ends with completion or abandonment of the right to study. After a student pays the membership fee for the first time, their membership starts at the beginning of the semester, i.e. 1.8. or 1.1.

Additionally, exchange and post-graduate students may choose to join VYY as members.

All VYY members are entitled to the services and benefits offered by the Student Union. These include, for example, Student Union supervision of interests, events and activities, information and guidance, as well as facility rentals at a special member price. All Student Union members have the right to vote and to run as candidate in the Student Union elections.  Graduate students pay a smaller membership fee and their benefits are more limited compared to undergraduate students.

New students pay the membership fee through the annual registration sessions and those already studying use WebOodi for paying each year. Student Union membership is identified with a student card, which is a digital student card or a plastic card carrying an academic year sticker that is valid for the current academic year.