Membership fee

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa membership fee for the academic year of 2017-2018 is €142. The membership fee is €76 per semester. New students pay the membership fee through Oili-notification service and existing students through WebOodi when confirming their presence.

Post-graduate student’s membership fee for the academic year of 2017-2018 is €48 and semester membership fee of €24.

Post-graduate students’ membership fee is lower, but the benefits are more limited compared to those of undergraduate or exchange students. Graduate students are not eligible for the students meal benefit, FSHS services or Finnish Railways and Matkahuolto student discounts.

For undergraduate students, the health fee statement since 1.8.2015 is €54.

If an existing student pays due membership fees using a service other than WebOodi, they have to take the payment receipt to the University Student Office (Luotsi-building, 1st floor) so that a confirmation of enrollment can be entered in the University information system. With payment through WebOodi, this registration is done automatically.

In case you can’t register yourself via WebOodi and need the Student Union account information for the payment, please visit the Student Union service office or email us

The Student Union’s membership fee is paid annually by 15.9. In spring semester, the deadline is 31.1. For new students starting in the autumn of 2017, the membership fee must be paid by 25.8.2017 15:00 due to course registration.

Refund of the membership fee or FSHS fee

Any student who has paid membership fee incorrectly, declared absence or completed their studies may apply for a refund of the Student Union’s membership fee. Any student who is studying at two universities and has paid the FSHS fee also as part of another student union’s membership fee can apply for a refund of the FSHS health care fee. This refund is sought from that Student Union which has received the latest paid membership fee.

All refund applications are made with the application for refund. The forapplication for refundm and it’s required attachments must be submitted to the Student Union by mail:

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa
Secretary General
Yliopistonranta 5
65200 Vaasa

or via e-mail: or

If the student applies for reimbursement of their membership fee, they should submit their student card to the Student Union either in person or by mail, in order to get the academic year sticker removed. This is the precondition for any reimbursement.

The application must be made:

– During the autumn semester: by 30.9.
– During the spring semester: by 31.1.

Any applications submitted after these deadlines will not be processed.