Ordering a student card

The student card is a proof of membership for Student Union members. A student card carrier gets all students’ discounts, both locally and nationally. A student card with an ISIC ID will also grant discounts abroad and in exchange programs.

The student card is used for identification when visiting the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) offices and in lunch restaurants for obtaining the Kela meal subsidy for students. In addition to that, students receive significant national student discounts, including VR railway journeys and Matkahuolto bus trips. In addition, VYY offers its own local benefits.

All student cards can be ordered through Frank.

Digital student card

The digital student card Frank App  is available on iOS and Android smart phones. You can activate your Frank App by entering your Finnish social security number when prompted. In order to use the app, please make sure you are registered as “attending” for this term in the university registry and that you have given your Finnish social security number to the university student services at Luotsi.

If you have any problems regarding the digital student card, please contact Frank directly at info@frank.fi.

Plastic student card

Students order their plastic student cards online through Frank .

Card delivery takes approximately 3 weeks since the receipt of this e-mail. However, the delivery time may be longer especially during peak hours in the autumn. Before the arrival of newly ordered student cards in autumn, the receipt for Student Union membership fee payment will be a temporary student ID on campus and should therefore be kept.

The student card is valid for the entire period of study and it is updated annually with a valid academic year sticker.

But I already have a student card?

If a student has already ordered and received the student card previously while studying in the University of Vaasa, the new card does not have to be ordered through Frank, but instead the old card can still be used to identify the student in all situations, including when enjoying national or local Frank benefits. In order to use these benefits, the student must pay the student’s Union membership fee and the card must carry a valid academic year sticker.

If a student has switched to another study program, for example if they have transferred from a University of Applied Sciences to the University of Vaasa, they must pay the Student Union membership fee and order a Student Union student card, so that they can attach a new annual sticker to it.

Any questions related to student cards and academic year stickers can be mailed to hallintosihteeri@vyy.fi or ylioppilaskunta@vyy.fi.