Study planning is an integral part of university studies. It is good to familiarize yourself with the study plan as well as with the various options available so that you can create a study entity that is just right for you. Planning can be especially challenging in the beginning, and that is why the University actively supports students in planning their studies and provides a lot of useful information on it. Each student should visit the University of Vaasa – planning your studies webpages.

Each student of the University of Vaasa prepares a personal study plan, i.e. HOPS (henkilökohtainen opintosuunnitelma). HOPS is intended to help in planning, scheduling and visualizing studies. Additionally, study counselling staff will provide educational guidance, information on minor subject options as well as on graduation. Teachers of various fields and training programs are the best advisors on the contents of studies. As part of the student counselling package, the services of an educational psychologist familiar with the psychology of learning, guidance and counselling are available. More information on the educational psychologist can be found in the everyday wellbeing section.

On all study related questions, the primary contact is always the course teacher or student counselling from the Student Union staff under supervision of the Head of Education. All educational matters between the student and the school are always confidential.

However, if a student feels mistreated or encounters a problem, the Student Union’s Secretary of Student Interests is the right person to contact. The VYY staff is here to serve the members and to offer assistance in solving problems. You can contact the Secretary of Student Interests via e-mail at edunvalvontasihteeri (a) or by phone at 044 324 8961.

General issues for contact include missing exam results or a transcript, prolonged examination of a thesis, dissatisfaction with an assessment or grade, as well as possible mistreatment by the university staff or other students. Missing exam results or transcripts may be reported to the VYY Black list.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the development of studies, please contact a student representative or the VYY board member responsible for educational policy or participate in a meeting of VYY advocacy committee. Meetings of the committee are open to all VYY members and they include discussion on studies as well as on issues related to well-being. You can come along also just to listen! Meetings are announced on VYY website, in the weekly bulletin, as well as on Facebook.

VYY wants to ensure that its members’ studies are progressing smoothly and flexibly. We also hope to get regular feedback on how to make university studies smoother and more student friendly. VYY promotes their student-centric views also in the Pay attention to students campaign.


Legal protection

VYY also monitors the implementation of students’ legal rights. Here are some examples of your rights as a student:

  1. The right to a healthy learning and living environment
  2. The right to complete the studies within the target time
  3. The right to sick leave and sickness benefit
  4. The right to study guidance
  5. The right to learn without discrimination and harassment
  6. The right to a decent living in different life situations
  7. The right to know in advance the course objectives and assessment methods
  8. The right to receive justified assessments and criticism of completed coursework
  9. The right to receive coursework assessments within a reasonable amount of time
  10. The right to retake exams
  11. The right to health care services in the local municipality
  12. The right to equal treatment and individual special arrangements

In all matters relating to the student’s right to legal protection, VYY’s Secretary of Student Interests will advise you.

All VYY contact details are available on the contact information page.