Association activities

A large number of various organizations, associations, societies and clubs operate within the University community as well as within the Student Union. Their activities are open to all members of the Student Union. VYY supports associations by providing grants, advice and other benefits.

All questions related to associations or to services and training related to them should be addressed to VYY Secretary of Organizational Affairs.

Association Grants 

The Student Union distributes grants among associations operating within VYY. This form of support includes operational grants, which can be applied for once a year in January and February, as well as project grants, which are applicable for all year round. Dates and rules of application for operational grants are informed via VYY communication channels.

Project support application and guidelines

Distribution of operational grants

Association training

VYY arranges practical training for associations and association members according to their need and demand. In all matters relating to the association activities and training, please contact the VYY Secretary of Organizational Affairs.

Other benefits

Benefits offered by the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL), relating to music playback agreements and accident insurance, are available for sports events organized by associations and clubs operating within VYY.

For more information on OLL membership benefits you can contact the VYY Secretary of Organizational Affairs or see the Finnish Student Sports Federation website.