Culture and leisure

VYY wants to be involved in creating better conditions for students to maintain their learning ability through active recreation activities. VYY also aims to promote communal activities this way and to offer natural environments for students to get to know each other.

VYY organizes lots of different recreational activities for its members throughout the academic year.  Perhaps the most visible of these activities are VYY’s legendary student party, where you can put on the red overalls on and take a break from cramming.  We also work in close cooperation with local cultural service providers by negotiating discounts to gigs, concerts, and other cultural events. Well-being and sports events are also an essential part of our activities.

By subscribing to the weekly newsletter and following VYY on Facebook you can get information on all VYY events.


Physical exercise

The University is responsible for organizing university sports to students. VYY is involved to ensure that the sports services are developed and the availability of different sports is improved as necessary. Students of the University of Vaasa are also eligible to participate in Åbo Akademy sports clubs by paying ÅA’s sports fee.

For more information, see the University sports services and schedules.


Sports tutors


A number of sports tutors work with VYY. Sports tutors are enthusiastic volunteers, often with a physical training background, who organize various sports activities for students.  They introduce the students to the university sports facilities and arrange low threshold sports activities, such as sport introduction classes, for their tutoring groups. Sports tutors work to support physical exercise culture and community at universities. For more information on sports events and activities, follow the sports tutoring Facebook group.

Additionally, student associations and sports clubs on campus arrange sports activities for their members. Information about these activities is available from the student associations’ and clubs’ own websites and information channels.


The Committee of Culture and Leisure


The Committee of Culture and Leisure (Kulttuuri- ja vapaa-aikavaliokunta, abbreviated KUVA) runs VYY’s events and comes up with new ideas for cultural and leisure activities. We meet about every six weeks during the school year. All students interested in such activities are welcome to our Committee of Culture and Leisure at any time throughout the academic year. The Committee is chaired by the VYY board member responsible for culture and leisure activities. For more information please join the Committee’s Facebook group.


Academic traditions

The Student Union was founded in 1968, the same year as the Vaasa School of Economics, the predecessor of the current university. The Student Union was then known as the Student Union of Vaasa School of Economics (abbreviated VKY).

Academic traditions of capping the Topelius statue on May Day, the Anniversary ball and the Independence Day torchlight procession have become an important part of the student culture and history of the Student Union, as well as of the town’s cultural heritage.

Additionally, the traditions of student associations and recreational organizations operating within VYY are an essential part of student culture. More information on the associations’ traditions can be found through their respective information channels.

To learn more about the academic traditions and colorful events over the years, see VYY history (available only in Finnish).

During the anniversary ball, VYY distributes recognition awards in accordance with their tradition to individuals who have earned them through their work for the Student Union.