VYY offers rental facilities at Leipätehdas in the city center as well as at the Domus Bothnica building on campus. VYY offers a member discount for rental of premises to its members as well as associations operating with the Student Union. A student discount for Leipätehdas (also known as Leipis) is available also to non-members.

The discounts are available for private individual member and student use as well as for associations’ own use. For any other use than private or association use, a normal rent price will be charged.

The Student Union has also negotiated an agreement with the University of Vaasa on renting facilities offered by the University to associations operating with the Student Union. The University facilities are available free of charge to associations for their use on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00, provided that the premises have not been booked already. Associations can book rooms at the University through the university facility services.

The Leipätehdas facilities can be booked directly with the booking calendar on the VYY web page. Domus Bothnica reservations can be requested by e-mail: tilat@vyy.fi or by phone: +358 44 324 8980.