Representative Council Election 2017


The Representative Council election of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa is held on 7.-8.11.2017 and the early voting days are 31.10.-1.11.2017. The voting hours for both voting opportunities are 8-18. The voting is carried out as online voting. In the Representative Council election of 2017, 30 members of the Representative Council and deputy members are elected for a two-year term starting on 1.1.2018.

A combined list of candidates has all the candidates with election numbers. Electioneering may begin on 16.10.2017 at 12:00.

More info about voting from our representative council blog.

How to find the right candidate? Here’s link to election poll for voters (language can be changed to Finnish or English from top right corner with three dots)

Results for the VYY representative council elections 2017 (in Finnish)

Please notice, that voting starts on Tuesday the 31st of October 2017 at 8am.

Combined list of candidates


Penalty protocol

On 22.2.2017, the Representative Council set  a Central Election Board for the election. The chair of the Central Election Board is Matilda Vähäkangas.

The Central Election Board has given an election announcement. (The official election announcement was given in Finnish on 27.4.2017. The English announcement presented here is an unofficial translation.)

Additional information about the election:
Secretary General Kaisa Paavola
Central Election Board chair Matilda Vähäkangas

FAQ – what is the Representative Council?

What is the Representative Council?

The Representative Council (also known as edari) is a group of ordinary university students who decides on the most important matters that concern the Student Union and all its members. The VYY Representative Council has 30 members. The council is elected once every two years in an election where any VYY member may enter as a candidate and vote. All members also have the right to come and observe the council’s meetings, which are held about once a month from September to May.

What difference can I make in the Representative Council?

The Representative Council decides on a variety of things, ranging from the membership fee amount, Student Union rules, action plan and budget to the election of the Board and choosing a Secretary General. The annual action plan directs the activities of the Board and staff, determining what the Student Union will use their resources on.


Who can enter the election as a candidate?

All VYY members who have registered as attending at the University of Vaasa and paid the Student Union membership fee! You can either start your own electoral coalition, join an existing electoral coalition or run as a non-partisan candidate. The choice is yours.

How do I enter the election as a candidate and what election documents do I need to fill out?

To enter the election as a candidate you must fill out the Declaration of Candidacy form. All election documents are available at the Student Union service office. If you have any questions concerning how to fill out the Declaration of Candidacy or any other documents, do not hesitate to contact the proxy of your electoral coalition or the Student Union staff. In fact, if you have any questions at all concerning the election in general, you can come visit the Student Union service office or send email to the staff.

What is a council group?

The Representative Council has 30 members. A majority of the members belong in a council group. Groups are usually formed by people with a common cause, such as a field of study or a political stance.

Who can create an electoral coalition?

Any VYY member can create an electoral coalition.

Why should I vote in the election?

Because the Student Union decision making is all about you! It is important that members use their right to vote because that is how we make the Student Union do the things that you and other members want it to do. The Representative Council election of 2017 is also the first time you can vote online, so even if you are not on campus or even in Vaasa during the election days you can still use your vote!

Follow the VYY social media channels and website and we will keep you informed of the election process!

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