Student Union’s 50th Anniversary Ball

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa celebrates its 50th anniversary on Saturday 17.02.2018. All current and former members as well as our co-operation partners are warmly welcomed.

The day begins with a church service held at the Vaasa Church at 10.00, after which the student unions board lays a wreath at the jaeger statue. Everyone are welcomed to join!

The cocktail event held before the anniversary dinner at the Vaasa City Hall (Senaatinkatu 1, 65100 Vaasa) begins at 16:00.

The anniversary dinner begins at 18:30. The event consists of a 3-course dinner including drinks. During the dinner we’ll listen to speeches, sing academic songs and give acknowledgement to our students.

After the dinner there is a pre-arranged transport to the official, more relaxed, after party which is held at Domus Bothnica.

On Sunday we continue with the Sillis (morning after party) at a secret place. Bus transportation to Sillis leaves at Vaasa City Hall at 11:45 am. The theme of the Sillis is Party like it’s 1968! Overalls are recommended.

You can register via this link.

Registration for invited guests starts on Thursday 4th of January and ends on Monday 22nd of January. For others the registration starts on Tuesday 23rd of January at 12:00 pm.


Dinner card prices are following during 2018:

VYY members 142€

Others 150€

Support Dinner card 200€

Sillis and transportation are included in the Dinner card.


Payment details:

Vaasan yliopiston ylioppilaskunta

FI41 5670 0820 0529 65

Reference: 20140000030143


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact: