Committees founded by the Executive Board are a part of VYY. Committees’ activities are open for all VYY members. Committees are led by members of the Executive Board and VYY secretaries work also for the committees. These committees are open and in many ways the best opportunity for VYY members to participate in and to influence the Student Union’s activities. Committees meet approximately four times per semester.


Committee of Student Interests

The Committee of Student Interests or EVVK (Edunvalvontavaliokunta) deals with a wide range of issues related to studying and student life. The committee covers education policy issues (for example summer exam schedule, the structure and contents of training programs, student representatives’ activities in the University administration and development of the student admission process), and social policy issues (for example financial aid, Finnish Student Health Service, housing and well-being), and related international issues (for example the tuition fee debate).