Health Service

The health care of the university students is taken care of by the Finnish Student Health Service. FSHS (better known in Finnish as YTHS) was established and is administrated by students as a provider for students’ health, dental and mental services. Using YTHS’ services is either free or inexpensive and you can use any FSHS unit across Finland.

The services are only for the members of the Student Union and you must be able to prove your membership by student card or with a receipt that you’ve paid the student union membership fee.

YTHS Vaasa is located at Hovioikeudenpuistikko 15 C, 65100 Vaasa (entrance from Hartmaninkuja, 3rd floor).

When closed, the main health center of Vaasa is on emergency duty, and after 10 pm the central hospital’s emergency room is responsible for the duty. Developing the student health care on a national level is one of the most important objectives for the social sector of the Student Union. Locally, the Student Union gives advisory on issues relating to health and welfare, and usage of health care services.