Survival kits

VYY offers Survival kits to its exchange student members, to ease the beginning in a new city and apartment.  Survival kit is a package of basic kitchen utilities (e.g. plates, cutlery, mugs, glasses).

VYY rents the kits to VYY members for the price of 40€, of which 30€ is deposit.The deposit will be returned to the student once the kit is returned at the end of the exchange period in good condition. Non-members can also rent a Survival kit, but they receive only 20€ back as deposit when returning the kit.

In case something in the kit breaks/goes missing, please replace it so that we can keep up the good service.

Survival kits are available at the Student union building Domus Bothnica in August/September and January, the exact dates will be announced later.

Please note that there is a limited amount of kits available, so get yours before they run out!