Student card

Student card with an academic year sticker tells that you are a member of VYY and have registered for the academic year to the University of Vaasa.

New students order their cards themselves from Frank, you can find information about this under the topic ”What do you need before you can make the student card order?”

Senior students get a new academic year sticker to their cards from the University Student office or VYY service office at the Domus Bothnica after they have registered for the next academic year or semester and have paid the Student Union fee.

If you already have a valid Finnish student card (eg. Lyyra card or any student card issued by your current student union), you don’t need to order a new student card to be able to access Frank’s deals. You merely need up-to-date membership with your student union and the updated term sticker for your card, which is available from VYY service office or from the university’s student office in Luotsi.

In case you have any questions about student cards, please contact secretary of students interest edunvalvontasihteeri(a) or visit VYY service office.

Benefits of the student card

With the student card you get all the local discounts in Vaasa and other student discounts, for example from VR and Matkahuolto.

Frank lists all Finland’s national student discounts.

By showing your valid student card you’ll get the meal subsidy in student restaurants which are subsidized by Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland).

Also with student card you can prove that you are entitled to the Finnish Student Health Service when you come for an appointment.

Frank – student’s own discount zone

Frank collects all of Finland’s student discounts onto the one website and suggests you deals, which make the student life more affordable. All the deals provided by Frank are available also for the members of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa. Therefore, please enter to the student’s own discount zone and find the best deals for the best price!

Frank is a company owned by national student organizations (SYL, SAKKI, SAMOK,SLL) and KILROY. The aim and mission is to offer the best deals for the students. Frank negotiates the discount deals with the organizations, which students find interesting, and then collects all these deals on to the website. In addition, Frank produces the national student card in cooperation with Elisa.

What do you need before you can make the student card order?

You may order your card after you have paid the membership fee of your student union. In addition, please make sure you know whether you are eligible for the student card for degree (undergraduate or graduate) students or postgraduate students. For guidance, please contact VYY service office.

Please do notice, that the blue student cards (with or without payment functionality) are for bachelor and masters degree students and the green one is for post-graduate students. Post-gradute students membership fee is lower but also benefits are fewer: post-gradutate students are not entitled to the meal subsidy, discounts from VR and Matkahuolto or to the FSHS services. Post-graduate students are however entitled to the student discounts provided by VYY and Frank.

Before ordering a card make sure you have:
1. A clear photo of your face in electronic format. The photo must be taken directly from the front in the same way as passport photos
2. A payment instrument to pay for the order => Visa or MasterCard (credit/debit), Visa Electron or Finnish netbank access codes.
3. Finnish personal identity code (OR a student number if you order a card without payment functionality)

Please do notice, that in the beginning of new semester the cards can not be produced before the universities update their student registers (usually in the beginning of January/August), because the student status for students card order will be confirmed on the basis of these student registers. Due to that the waiting time might be longer than three weeks, if you are a new student and make an order before the register is updated. Before your student card arrives, a printed receipt of the student union membership fee payment will work as a student card.

Student card selection

As a result of cooperation between Frank and Elisa, the student card also works as a payment card thanks to its MasterCard-abilities. However, it is also possible to order a card without a payment functionality.

You may choose one of the following cards:
1. Student card with the payment functionality (Price 15,10 €)

With this type of card you can both prove you are a student (and as a result get all the student discounts and benefits) and pay your purchases in every shop, where MasterCard is accepted. You can also draw out money from ATMs all around the world. This card type is available for degree students (undergraduate/graduate).

In addition to the traditional chip payment, the card has also a contactless payment feature. It is possible pay the purchases under 25€ without a PIN number simply by tapping the card on a point-of-sale terminal reader => E.g. paying the Kela subsidized student meal will be then easy and quick; with the student card one can both prove that he/she is a student and pay for the meal! The card works as a Prepaid card
All purchases made with your card will be charched from you Elisa Lompakko account. You will be guided to register to Elisa Lompakko -service while ordering the card. Just activate your card in Elisa Lompakko, transfer money to Elisa Lompakko and your card is ready to use!

ISIC functionality can be also added (additional charge of 15£á) to this type of card and after that the card will work as an international student card. You can prove that you are a student all around the world and get discounts in over 120 countries.
In order to get this card type, you need Finnish personal identity code and Finnish mobile phone number.
Thus this card is only available for the international degree students – NOT exchange students!
The card will be delivered to your home address.

2. Student card without the payment functionality (Price 15,10 €)
A basic student card for degree students (undergraduate/graduate), with which you can prove you are a student and get all the student discounts and benefits
In order to get this card type, you need your student number, but NO Finnish personal identity code. Therefore, this is the most common choice for foreign exchange students.
ISIC-functionality CANNOT be combined with this type of card.
The card will be delivered to the VYY service office.

3. Post-graduate student card (Price 15,10 €)

A basic student card only for the post-graduate students and part-time students, with which you can prove you are a post-graduate student and get student discounts (can not be used for train and bus discounts or YTHS. In addition, the price for Kela subsidized student meal differs from the price for the degree students.)
Not available as a payment card or ISIC card.
The card will be delivered to the student union’s service office.