Student Union

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa (VYY) was founded in 1968 to supervise the interests of students, to further students’ participation in the society and to act as a link between the students of the university. Every student aiming at a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the University of Vaasa is a member of the Student Union. There are about 4.000 members. Educational, social political and international affairs are supervised by VYY on the campus, in the city and nationwide. VYY also offers culture and sports services to students and organizational and supporting services for associations operating under it.


The highest decision-making body of the student union is called the representative council. The representatives are elected every two years (next election is in autumn 2017.). The representative council consist of 30 representatives and they make decisions for example regarding the student union fee, the strategy and the statutes of the student union. They also nominate the board, the secretary general and the editor-in-chief.


The board of the student union consists of 6-10 students. The board takes care of the everyday activities of the student union and they are responsible of the operative management of the student union.


The representative council elections are held every two years. You are eligible to vote and run for council if you have paid the student union fee and are a member of the student union.


The international sector of the student union consists of the executive board member who’s in charge of International affairs and tutoring, secretary of students interests and subcommittee for international affairs