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Mikä neuvoksi project

The Mikä neuvoksi project is a joint project of the University of Vaasa and the Student Union of the University of Vaasa, for which the Ministry of Education and Culture has granted a special temporary grant. The project will run until the end of 2021.

The Mikä neuvoksi project aims to develop student guidance and welfare services to meet the challenges posed by the corona pandemic. The measures of the project aim to reduce the loneliness experienced by students and strengthen community spirit, for example through peer support activities. The project will also develop low-threshold Study Counselling services and Study Psychology activities. In addition to the well-being of students, the services also support the progress of studies and commitment to studies.

The project aims to build a positive and sustainable operating culture and promote community spirit. The goal is the well-being of students, professional study counsellors and easily accessible services of a study psychologist. Anna Yliaska works as a project assistant for the project. A working group consisting of other project actors will support the project assistant in the development of peer support activities.

During the spring, on-campus breakfast events, group walks and study counsellors’ contact calls have been organized as part of the project. An Open Cameras Day was organized in the spring to strengthen the sense of community in remote learning. In the summer, campus picnics and low-threshold experiments sports will be held, among other things. The active operation of the project will focus on the autumn of 2021.

Feedback and wishes are actively collected about the project's activities.

Activities for students

Campus picnics

Summer is finally here, so what could be more fun than a picnic with your fellow students! Campus picnics are held during the summer in the lawn area between Tritonia and Luotsi buildings. You will find the time for the picnics in the calendar of the Upcoming Events menu.

Campus picnics are events that all students at the University of Vaasa are welcome to attend. The purpose of campus picnics is to provide students with a time and place to meet each other. Come along for lunch, coffee, or otherwise just pop in! You can also bring games, music, musical instruments or anything else you need with a picnic. You are welcome to stay for the whole event or stop by for a while. 

Restaurant Cotton Club is located at Yliopistonranta 2 and is open during the summer. At Cotton Club, you can grab a student-priced lunch (at 10.00 a.m.– 2 p.m.) or coffee for a picnic.

Campus picnics are arranged if the weather is nice, so no picnic is held in cold, rainy, or very windy weather.

Picnics follow current safety instructions.

Students sitting outside the campus     Map of campus with the marked location of picnics

Student guidance

To support the planning and progression of studies, each student has a Study Counsellor appointed according to their degree program. You can be in touch with your study counsellor in all matters related to your studies. You can find more information and contact information for your counsellor on the University of Vaasa Students website under Study Counsellors.

To strengthen guidance services, training and workshops will be organized for study counsellors in autumn 2021, e.g. group counseling and substance abuse.

The Study Psychologist works to enhance motivation, time management, the progression of studies, and overall well-being. Together with the study psychologist, you can try to solve issues related to learning or discuss your study goals. More information on the activities of a study psychologist can be found in the Study Psychologist section of the University of Vaasa Students website. Also, feel free to check out the study psychologist's Tune Up Your Studies blog (in Finnish), where you will find tips on study-related issues, e.g. in the form of blog posts and video series!

A study psychologist trainee recruited in the spring will start at the beginning of the fall semester. The trainee supports the work of the study psychologist e.g. piloting new activities and cooperating with the study counsellors.

Upcoming events

Here you will find a current list of upcoming events for the project. 

The weekly schedule for on-campus picnics will be published on Monday mornings at 9 a.m.

Week 30

There will be no campus picnics in week 30. Next campus picnics will be held next week.

Campus picnics are arranged if the weather is nice, so no picnic is held in cold, rainy, or very windy weather.

Contact us

Contact information 

Anna Yliaska
Project Assistant, Mikä neuvoksi project
+358 29 449 8409

Lauri Tuohiniemi
Specialist in Students Interests​, VYY

+358 44 324 8961

Elina Alho
Amanuensis, Education Services

+358 29 449 8604

Sannakaisa Holmlund
Specialist, Education Services

+358 29 449 8150


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