VYY demands immediate ceasefire to Gaza Strip

VYY condemns the killing and violence against civilians in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Over the past month, the military actions that have claimed the lives of over ten thousand people, of which more than a third are children, have shocked us all. VYY supports the demand made by the UN and the Finnish Student Union SYL for an immediate ceasefire.

We want Finland, along with the majority of other UN countries, to demand an immediate ceasefire so that humanitarian aid can be safely delivered to the area. Attacks on civilians and war crimes must be stopped, strongly and unequivocally condemned, and properly investigated. The Finnish government must promote lasting peace and the realization of human rights in the region.

There is a shortage of basic necessities such as food, water, medicine, and electricity in the Gaza Strip. Without a ceasefire, it is not possible to deliver aid, and humanitarian organizations cannot access the area. International human rights organizations, together with the UN Security Council, have declared the situation unsustainable. The blockade of the Gaza Strip has persisted for decades, and the complex conflict is not easily resolved. The priority now is to secure the lives of the civilians in the region.

We emphasize that there is no room for any form of racism or discrimination. VYY does not accept hate speech or inappropriate behavior related to religion, belief, or an individual's background. If you experience or witness such behavior within our community, please contact the harassment contact persons at hairinta@vyy.fi without hesitation.

Although the conflict is regionally far, it also affects those close to us. The loved ones of civilian casualties are in our immediate circles, and we feel a duty to speak out for lasting peace and human rights. We also hope that we can support each other in this difficult situation. Counseling for coping with difficult emotions is available from following sources:

  • Mieli ry's crisis helpline serves in English at 09 2525 0116.
  • Church counseling service: 0400 221 180, open every day from 18:00 to 24:00 (only in Finnish or Swedish).
  • Crisis emergency service for the Ostrobothnia region: 06 218 9555, open 24/7.
  • In an acute crisis call the emergency number 112.


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