Meeting gavel ready to be gavelled

Representative Council is the place to share your opinions on things that concern members

Autumn 2021 is an election autumn in our Student Union, as the Representative Council elections are held. The elections will determine who decides on matters concerning the student union for the next two year. This week our secretary general Johanna writes why you should run for the council elections!

The Student Union is a community of students where students decide on their common affairs. The Representative Council, more commonly known as RepCo, is the highest decision-making body of our student union. I myself spent three terms in the Representative Council during my studies and I feel that I have gained a lot from being a member of the Representative Council - and at the same time, I have also given to the Student Union. I wanted to be involved in decisions of matters affecting the members of VYY. Who wouldn’t want to have a say on things that concern themselves?

What exactly is the two-year term of the Representative Council? Among other things, the Representative Council decides on the Student Union's long-term strategic guidelines, budget, the amount of the membership fee and they direct the Student Union's daily life. In addition, the duties of the Representative Council include the election and appointment of the Executive Board and the Secretary-General. The Representative Council meets about six times a year and, if necessary, holds night schools before the meetings to discuss decision-making issues together.

What is required of a member of the RepCo? The two most important characteristics for a member I think, are interest and commitment. Things don’t have to be familiar beforehand, I ran for the first time for the RepCo in my freshers fall and I have to admit - I knew nothing. But I was interested and thought that you learn the best by getting involved. And that's how I learned everything I needed to know. More experienced members and VYY's office helped me learn the things that were new to me. Also having an interest in the things RepCo decides really helped me to learn. Basically, it is enough that you are interested in being involved in developing our student union.

The first step in getting involved in the Representative Council’s work is easy: jump in and enter as a candidate. The nomination of candidates for VYY's Representative Council elections is ongoing and will end on the 5th of October. 

Will you be involved in deciding our affairs for the next two years?