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Last updated on 27.3.2020 at 15.25


At the end of 2019, a COVID-19 infectious disease outbreak caused by the coronavirus started in China. The disease outbreak has been classified as a pandemic by the WHO. 

The Government of Finland has given recommendations on the 12th of March to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The Government recommends that public events for more than 500 people should be canceled and that the organization of all events should be considered until the end of May. 

On 16th of March 2020 The Finnish Government outlined new measures to be enacted in accordance with the Emergency Powers Act, the Communicable Diseases Act and other legislation. Read about the new steps:




The Student Union of the University of Vaasa takes the prevention of the epidemic seriously and responsibly. The Student Union recommends that all organizations, associations, and clubs operating within its scope act in accordance with the recommendations of The Student Union. Only together can we prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our university community



The service office has been closed for the time being. It is possible to visit the service office if it is absolutely necessary. Sales of the Student Union and the University merchandise of the Service Office has been stopped until further notice. If you need to visit the service office, please contact us at 044 324 8980.



The University of Vaasa is responsible for the safety of the campus, and everyone must follow the instructions given by the University of Vaasa: 

The campus facilities are closed for the time being, so don't go to campus.

Exam is closed from 18.3. until otherwise stated

Tritonia is closed from 17.3. at 5 pm onwards until otherwise stated March 17 at 5:00 pm for the time being.

The campus facilities are closed from 18.3. at 8:45 pm onwards for the time being

The University of Vaasa is responsible for the subject association rooms, but the use of those roomes is prohibited. If you are required to visit the subject association rooms, contact your subject association.



The Student Union of the University of Vaasa does not recommend starting an exchange this spring. If you wish to interrupt your exchange due to coronavirus, please contact the Exchange Services via Follow the exchange information and guidelines for exchange studies from the University of Vaasa:


Courses are organized as distance learning until at least 13.4.2020. Follow the instructions given to you by the lecturer and the university. Please leave feedback on the success of your courses and wellbeing:

Please note that the Student Union of the University of Vaasa is not responsible for the organization or evaluation of studies. That is the responsibility of the University of Vaasa. The role of the Student Union is to actively influence the teaching of the University, but the Student Union is not responsible for teaching

The situation can make it difficult to progress in your studies, but if your situation in certain courses is critical, contact your lecturer. If you have any problems you can contact the Specialist in Students Interests ( or the member of the board responsible for Educational affairs (



According to regulations of the student grants, exceptional circumstances, such as the coronavirus, are taken into account in the maximum duration of student grant and in the progress of studies. Thus, study grant can be continued even if the amount of credit is not sufficient.

Therefore, you will be eligible for study grant even if you are unable to complete a sufficient number of credits during the spring. Kela is responsible for informing and making decisions on student grants. If you have any questions about student grants, please contact directly to Kela or the Specialist in Students Interests in the Student Union ( 

Read Kela's news about the coronavirus:



Follow the official guidelines.

The Student Union does not recommend traveling to other cities for the time being and recommends to avoid traveling in Finland, especially to areas with large masses of people.

Traveling abroad must be avoided.



Vaasa Central Hospital’s infection doctor has given instructions that all the students who come from Helsinki-Uusimaa reagion has to be  in quarantine for two weeks after coming back to Vaasa. If the student starts to have upper respiratory symptoms in the beginning of the quarantine or during it, the student needs to have corona virus test done. In this case student has to get in touch with his/her own health center, where they will send student forward to tests.

If you have been ordered to quarantine or isolation, follow the instructions given to you. Don't break the quarantine guidelines, even if you may feel healthy.

Find your own health center:

Gerby health center p. 06 325 1711
Kirkkopuistikko health center p. 06 325 1666 (in case you live for example in central or in Hietalahti)
Ristinummi health center p. 06 325 1691
Tammikaivo health center p. 06 325 1703 ja 06 325 1770 (in case you live in Palosaari)
Vähänkyrö health center p. 06 325 8500

If you live in a VOAS ‘ shared apartment, follow the instructions provided by VOAS, or contact the Foundation's housing office.

Contact details of the Foundation:

Tel (06) 327 6530


If you have been assigned to quarantine and you do not have a related party, contact or 044 324 8961. The Student Union of the University of Vaasa strives to find solutions for any member who does not have access to help during the quarantine.



The Student Union of the University of Vaasa follows the instructions received from the authorities regarding its events. The City of Vaasa has recommended that all activities and events should be avoided during March.

The Student Union will cancel or postpone all its events until 13.4.2020, and each event will be notified individually. Tickets purchased for events will be refunded in full, except for the service fee. Follow event-specific communication for up-to-date instructions. 


The Student Union discusses the situation concerning Wappu with the organizations within the Student Union. Wappu events should not be planned during March.

The main event at Rewell Center on April 30, 2020 has unfortunately been canceled. The decision of arranging Wappu Crawl will be made by March 31, 2020.



The most important thing in preventing the virus from spreading is hygiene, especially hand hygiene. It is important to follow the instructions of the authorities. More information about the coronavirus from the authorities:

The University of Vaasa will update the situation on the following link: Keep an active eye on that page to keep up to date on the situation.

All current measures are in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, so there is no reason to panic. The Student Union will inform about the events of the spring and the activities of the Student Union regarding the prevention of coronavirus as the situation progresses and we receive more instructions from the authorities.

Remember to follow the instructions that are given to by the authorities!

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