Student well-being

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Student well-being

VYY wants to promote mental and physical well-being in their members’ everyday life by maintaining and improving their ability to study in terms of health care, housing, income, well-being and time management. Our most important collaboration partners in this endeavour are the University of Vaasa, the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS and Vaasa Student Housing VOAS.


The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS offers health (general health, oral health, mental health) services to university students. FSHS services are available to all bachelors and masters’ degree students of Finnish universities at all FSHS locations around Finland. If you are an exchange student, you are not allowed to use FSHS services. The FSHS collects a student healthcare fee every semester, which is paid to KELA. The FSHS fee is a mandatory payment for degree students and you need to pay it even if you don’t use FSHS services or live in another country.

More information about the Student healthcare fee can be found from Kela’s webpage.

FSHS office in Vaasa, Finland, can be found at the address Wolffintie 27-31 and 30, 65200 Vaasa


The Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa, VOAS provides student accommodation in Vaasa.  The student housing situation in Vaasa is relatively good. There are plenty of apartments and the rent is reasonable. The greatest demand for apartments is from August to October, but at other times homes are available easily.

Also, city owned rental apartments are available from Pikipruukki Oy.


As a student of the University of Vaasa you can apply for financial aid through Kela’s online services.

The student financial aid is mainly meant for Finnish citizens. However you may qualify for financial aid if:

  • you have been granted a continuous (A) or permanent (P) residence permit or an EU residence permit for third-country nationals (P-EU or P-EY) or a residence card as referred to in the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom.
  • If you are a citizen of another EU or EEA country or of Switzerland, the family member of such a person, or a citizen of a Nordic country, you only have to register your right of residence or present your residence card.
  • if you are living in Finland permanently and you have arrived in Finland for some other reason than to study. Such a reason can for example be employment, family ties or return migration

More information can be found on Kela’s website.

As a student you are also eligible for general housing allowance.

VYY also strives to provide job opportunities for students. A good opportunity to explore future employers or to look for summer jobs is at the Contact recruiting fair held annually at the end of January. At the fair, students can establish contacts with future employers, as well as browse available summer jobs. Traditionally, the fair includes also a CV clinic, where students can polish their job search tactics with the assistance of professionals.

The University of Vaasa Career Services will also provide guidance on employment and training.

Students are entitled to Vaasa city social welfare services and, under certain conditions, to income support. For more details, please see the Vaasa City webpage.

In all matters relating to income you can contact the Student Union’s Specialist in Students Interests.

Studies not progressing - who can I turn to?

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS)

Mental health problems are the most common university student health problems. Mental health can be compromised due to issues related to studying or other everyday life issues. Help on issues related to mental health can be obtained from FSHS health care and nurses, general practitioners, specialist nurses and social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Book an FSHS appointment.

Study psychologist

The University of Vaasa employs a study psychologist, who is specialized in the psychology of learning, counselling and advising. You can discuss personal issues related to your studies, such as study motivation, fatique and anxiety, confidentially with the study psychologist. 

Study counselor 

All study programs have study counselors who you can ask questions regarding your study program, they can give guidance and you can discuss with them about your personal study plans.

More information on University of Vaasa's website.

University chaplain

The university chaplain is a Chaplain of the Vaasa Evangelical Lutheran congregation. You can contact the Chaplain and arrange an appointment if you feel you are in need of a private, confidential discussion and support. These can be matters related to, for instance, human relations, crisis situations in your own life or in those of your love ones, quality of life, religious matters, workload or stress from studying and study fatique. You can also ask for advice on all church services, adult confirmation classes or church related activities. The university chaplain is bound by absolute professional confidentiality.

Contact: Chaplain Timo Kaukomaa, puh. 044 480 8218.

For more information, please visit the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Union of Vaasa website.

University sport services

University sport services are organized by the University. VYY wants to ensure that sport services will be developed and a wide range of options is offered in order to mobilize the students and motivate them to take care of their physical well-being. If you do not find a suitable form of exercise, contact us and tell us your needs, so we can provide better options for you. 

More information on sports services is available on the University website. University sports also has their own Facebook page.

Harassment and inappropriate treatment

Student Union's harrasment contact person

The Student Union offers help on harassment cases to its members. This activity is not regulated by law, and student unions do not have legal authority to officially investigate harassment cases among students. The purpose of the harassment contact person activity is to provide an impartial person you can talk to and who can give advice about what to do and to help you solve the issues. For this reason, the harassment contact person is someone who listens and helps to find solutions in cases where there has happened harassment, inappropriate behavior, fighting or bullying through mediating and negotiationg with people who are parties of the conflict. If needed the harassment contact person will help you contact officia authorities in these cases.

The most important task of VYY’s harassment contact person is to listen to and support students who have experienced harassment. The harassment contact person has a duty of confidentiality, and they do not keep any records of the people who contact them. You can come and discuss if you have experienced e.g. sexual harassment, bullying or other harassment from someone at the University. You can also contact the harassment contact person if you just want to talk to someone, for example about anxiety, loneliness or problems related to studying or relationships. Please feel free to contact if you need support! You may also report cases of inappropriate behavior anonymously by filling the report form of inappropriate behavior, which can be found from the link below

Report inappropriate behavior anonymously.

VYY harassment contact person:

The harassment contact person follows the student union guideline for handling cases of harassment and inappropriate treatment.


University of Vaasa's guidelines for situations of inappropriate treatment and harassment

The University of Vaasa has deployed guidelines for situations of inappropriate treatment and harassment relating to studying. The guidelines apply to situations between students, and the guidelines briefly define what constitutes inappropriate treatment, what responsible behavior is in the university community, and provides guidance on how a student should act if they have been subjected to inappropriate treatment or harassment or are accused of them.

The guidelines have been modified and approved by the Student Well-being working group.

Read university of Vaasa's guidelines here

University's sports services