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This page contains information regarding the event calendar!

How to subscribe to the calendar

VYY's event calendar brings all the events of VYY and of the organizations within VYY to one place! In addition to the event calendar being embedded in our website, you can also add it to your own digital calendar. Instructions on how to add the event calendar to your own calendar are below! 



English subtitles available!


Add the event calendar using the link

Click here to subsicribe to VYY*s event calendar. The link will take you to your calendar where you can add the event calendar.


Add the event calendar manually on Google calendar

You can also add the calendar manually. 

  1. On the sidebar in Google calendar, click the plus sign next to “Other calendars” and select “Add by URL” from the menu.
  2. Copy the link below and paste it to the provided field. Then click “Add calendar”. 

If you notice anything strange in the event calendar, you can report it to the board member responsible for events or organizational affairs, or to the communications specialist.

Instructions to organizations

For the event calendar's instructions in English, please contact the board member responsible for organizational affairs.

Contact the board or the staff of the Student Union

The board and the staff are happy to tell you more about the Student Union and how to participate!