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VYY offers rental facilities at Leipätehdas in the city center as well as at the Domus Bothnica building on campus.

More information about the Student Union house you will find from Domus Bothnica webpage.

More information about the rental facilities:  via e-mail: tilat@vyy.fi or by phone: +358 44 324 8980.


You can book the Leipätehdas sauna and conference facilities (also known as Leipis) in the booking calendar below.


The Leipätehdas sauna has a conference room and a lounge for evening events. VYY rents out the facilities both to its members and to other customers at an affordable price. The sauna and conference facilities are located in the center of Vaasa in Hietasaarenkatu 14 and have become an essential place for a wide range of parties and events. 

The Leipätehdas facilities include a second floor conference room with a kitchen and a fireplace lounge as well as a sauna on the first floor. The kitchen includes basic kitchenware, tableware and cutlery. There is a PA-system available in both floors. 

The Leipätehdas conference room is large enough to accommodate a party of about 20-30 people. The upstairs conference room is accessed through a narrow spiral stairway and is thereby not accessible to persons with reduced mobility. The sauna downstairs accommodates about 10-15 people. Leipätehdas is available for rent seven days a week 16:00 to 0:00 all year round. Renting at other times must be discussed separately. Leipis facilities are not suitable for sleepovers.

The rent price does not include a cleaning service, so each renter must clean the rooms after use. This way the renting price of the premises can be kept reasonable for students. In accordance with the Rules of Use, the renter can also choose to come clean the facilities the next morning between 8:00 and 12:00.

After making the reservation

After making the reservation you will get a confirmation e-mail. Keys can be picked up from the VYY service office during its office hours two days before the renting. You can pay the rent with card or via billing. 

Any questions related to Leipätehdas bookings can be sent to e-mail: tilat@vyy.fi. For bookings, see the booking calendar.

Leipätehdas price list (renting price per day) 1.1.2020

Day        Member price        Student price        Base price

Sun-Thu     70€ (-60%)        120€ (-30%)        170€
Fri-Sat        100€ (-60%)      190€ (-20%)        240€

Additional hours 20€/h
Cleaning service 150€
Cleaning fee of uncleaned facilities 200€
Check-up fee 150€ (in case you leave a window or door open or use the facilites outside renting hours)

Billing fee

PDF-bill 5€, online billing 5 €, paper bill 8€
Late payment reminder fee 5 €
Service fee for key retrieval  (outside office hours) 10€
Late fee for keys 50€
Replacement key: minimum of 600 € (or according to actual costs)
Breaking the emergency exit seal 150€ (or according to actual costs)

Facility bookings


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