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Membership benefits and services

VYY leima

Membership benefits and services

This page contains information regarding the benefits and services VYY offers its members.

VYY continues to negotiate with local companies in order to get more and better student discounts for VYY members. VYY has also made cooperation agreements with various companies to ensure that any VYY member is a key customer wherever he or she might be. Check out all the discounts nationally and locally to ensure you’re enjoying all the benefits of being a student!

National discounts

Pivo mobile appilication collects all the local and national discounts available for VYY members. Pivo is available to iOs ja Androis-phones for free.

Students in university undergraduate programs are entitled to Kela student lunch subsidy in student restaurants on campus and all around Finland.

By presenting your student card you can also get the student discount for VR and Matkahuolto tickets.

All members of the Student Union (excl. doctoral students) are entitled to the Finnish Student Health Service.

Local benefits and discounts

Local discounts

Membership entitles you to a bunch of discounts in local companies. Check out all the discounts from here.


VYY offers its members rental facilities, which include the Leipis-sauna downtown and the Domus Bothnica building facilities on campus. Member discounts and benefits are also available to associations operating within the Student Union.

Rental prices for members’ private use as well as for associations working with VYY are as follows:

Leipis-sauna: Sun-Thu 60 €, Sat-Sun 90 €.

Domus Bothnica:

Wärtsilä hall: Mon-Thu -50%
ABB sauna: Mon-Wed -15%.

Wärtsilä and ABB-hall sauna reservation queries: tilat@vyy.fi or 044 324 8980.

Rental items

VYY rents out a variety of goods to its members and to associations operating with VYY. These include board games and sports equipment (mölkky pins, petanque, balls, soccer jackets, Frisbee golf frisbees) free of charge.

We also rent out PA-equipment to members for 60 € / day (the normal rent price is 80 € / day). All the student organizations within VYY can use the PA-equipment for free when they’ve rented Wärtsilä hall.

PA equipment includes:

  • 2x DB Technologies Cromo 10  active speakers, 6m cable, speaker feet and protection covers
  • Microphone with a cable and a cradle
  • Mackie PROFX4v2 4-kanavainen mikseri

Any lease enquiries should be addressed to VYY's board member in charge of Organizational Affairs or at the service office.

Cooperation with restaurants:

Teatro and Roska


The Student Union organizes events all year round. You are warmly welcome to participate! For more information about the events, see the event calendar or our social media.


Party season opening
Contact recruitment fair


Anniversary celebration


Culture week
Boom City appro

April and May:

Lyyrajaiset coctail event
Wappuputkinto and Wappu brunch

June and July:

Summer exam party

August and September:

Freshmen events, such as the first night and first weekend parties and an initiation ceremony


Overall party
Week of well-being (organized together with Vaasa University)


HerkkuAppro (desserts and other goodies)


Independence day parade
VYY pre-Xmas party


Culture and leisure

VYY wants to be involved in creating better conditions for students to maintain their studying ability through active recreation activities. VYY also aims to promote communal activities this way and to offer natural environments for students to get to know each other.

VYY organizes lots of different recreational activities for its members throughout the academic year.  Perhaps the most visible of these activities are VYY’s legendary student party, where you can put on the red overalls on and take a break from cramming.  We also work in close cooperation with local cultural service providers by negotiating discounts to gigs, concerts, and other cultural events. Well-being and sports events are also an essential part of our activities.

By subscribing to the weekly newsletter and following VYY in social media you can get information on all VYY events.

Physical exercise

The University is responsible for organizing university sports to students. VYY is involved to ensure that the sports services are developed and the availability of different sports is improved as necessary.

For more information on University sport services, see the University website.


Vaasa offers a versatile selection of high quality culture services.


Vaasan kaupunginteatteri
Wasa Teater
Student theater Ramppi


Student choir
Vaasan kaupunginorkesteri

Art exhibitions

Kuntsi museum of modern art
Pohjanmaan museo
Tikanoja art museum
Vaasa city art gallery

Movies, films and other shows


Academic traditions

The Student Union was founded in 1968, the same year as the Vaasa School of Economics, the predecessor of the current university. The Student Union was then known as the Student Union of Vaasa School of Economics (abbreviated VKY).

The academic traditions of capping the Topelius statue on May Day, the Anniversary ball and the Independence Day torchlight procession have become an important part of the student culture and history of the Student Union, as well as of the town’s cultural heritage.

Additionally, the traditions of student associations and recreational organizations operating within VYY are an essential part of student culture. More information on the associations’ traditions can be found through their respective information channels.

To learn more about the academic traditions and colorful events over the years, see VYY history. (available only in Finnish). The new history publication that covers the years 2004-2017 can be purchased from our service office.

Maija Niinioja scholarship

Each year the Student Union of the University of Vaasa distributes Maija Niinioja’s scholarships to successful students of the University of Vaasa. Scholarship application period is at the end of the year and scholarships are awarded annually in February during the VYY anniversary ball. Scholarships are paid from the University of Vaasa scholarship fund revenues. The fund’s initial capital was acquired through economist Maija Niinioja’s will and the scholarship program was named after her. Application period starts in October 2020, please check out our social media and this page near the application period!

The criteria of eligibility for a scholarship are as follows:

  1. the applicant is applying for scholarships while enrolled in the current academic year as a student or graduated less than a year ago,
  2. the applicant has not previously been granted a scholarship from Maija Niinioja,
  3. the applicant has completed at least 60 ECTS in Master’s degree program and has written master's thesis
  4. the applicant shall submit with the application all the information requested by VYY.

The scholarship application consists of three parts: application form, application letter and attachments.

The application form is meant to gather basic information on the applicant, including contact details and bank details, to one document. The application letter is the applicant’s freeform justification as to why they deserve the Maija Niinioja Scholarship. The following attachments must be included to support the application:

  • up-to-date transcript or a copy of diploma,
  • summary of Master’s thesis, as well as a copy of the review thereof,
  • the applicant’s curriculum vitae.

Applications must be submitted within the set time period and in the manner indicated in the call for applications. Late applications will not be processed. Decision on support scholarships will be made by the Representative Council of VYY.

All matters relating to Maija Niinioja scholarships should be addressed to the Secretary General of VYY


Contact the board or the staff of the Student Union

The board and the staff are happy to tell you more about the Student Union and how to participate!