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Guiding documents

Here you will find information about the different documents that guide the Sudent Union's activities. Read more from the boxes below.


The Student Union of the University of Vaasa has autonomy and its operations are guided by the Finnish legislation in addition to its own rules. In addition to the Statute, VYY has General Rules of Procedure, the Representative Council’s Rules of Procedure, the Election Order, the Record of Tradition, as well as a number of by-laws. The rules are all only in Finnish. 


Student Union's Statute

Student Union's General Rules of Procedure

Election Order

Administration Student Representative Election Standing Order

Student Union's Administration Standing Order

Record of Tradition

Policy paper

The policy paper defines VYY's political guidelines. The policy paper guides the board and staff's work. 

Read VYY's policy paper (only in Finnish)

Strategy and plan of action

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa's activities are guided by a stratrgy and a plan of action. Both documents are approved by the Representative Council. 


Read VYY's strategy (only in Finnish)

Read the plan of action (only in Finnish)


Declaration of Equality

The Student Union has made a Declaration of Equality. The Declaration of Equality gives the guidelines for equal activity in our community. 

Read the Declaration of Equality

Safer Space Policy

The Student Uniuon has created Safer Space Policy. The Safer Space Policy strives to prevent unpleasant situations, and to create a safe and respectful space for everyone.

The executive board approved the Safer Space Policy on their meeting on 17.2.2022. 

Read the Student Union's Safer Space Policy

Event Organizing Guidelines

On 17.2.2022 the VYY board decided to adopt new Event Organizing Guidelines for the Student Union. The guidelines consist of principles that obligate both the event organizers and participants. All future VYY events adhere to the guidelines.



  • Events are designed to be as attainable and accessible as possible. Events are designed so that they do not put participants in humiliating or distressing situations.
  • Our values and rules are communicated openly in event marketing and during the events
  • Contact persons are clearly defined for each event and there is information about the anti-bullying persons, or “hyvis” in Finnish,  in the event description



  • Harassment, discrimination, and bullying are not allowed
  • We respect the physical integrity and privacy of all participants
  • In our events we follow VYY’s safer space policy



  • If there is a problem situation, we intervene as soon as possible and try to talk it out together with the events anti-bullying persons (“hyvis” in Finnish). In problem situations, we use our operating model for addressing harassment and bllying
  • For possible problems that might occur in the event, the event organizers need to provide an option to contact the event’s organizers anonymously (for example, google forms)
  • If the problem persists after the event and outside help from a neutral party is needed to resolve the situation, contact the VYY harassment contact person (​​)

Investment strategy

The Student Union of University of Vaasa has a investment strategy, which guides the management of the Student Union's investment assets. The investment strategy has been approved by VYY's Representative Council.

Read VYY's investment strategy (only in Finnish).

Other documents

In accordance with its traditions, the Student Union of the University of Vaasa has distributed Student Union’s acknowledgement awards among those involved in Student Union activities for their outstanding achievements. Awards are granted annually during the VYY anniversary ball in February.

Decisions on awarding acknowledgment awards are made by the Representative Council of VYY based on requests from the working group on badges of merit and honor.

VYY’s statutory working group on badges of merit and honor opens the application period for both category I and II insignia each year.

According to the VYY rules, anyone can apply for acknowledgement insignia. The insignia is applied for based on particularly distinguished participance in the activities of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa. The application form is defined by the working group and can be picked up at the office or requested by e-mail from the Student Union’s Secretary General.

In order for an application to be processed, it must be supported with enough signatures of Representative Council’s members. This list of names is available at the Student Union service office.

The merit badge application form must be submitted to the Secretary General of the Student Union by the announced deadline. Any applications submitted after the deadline will be ignored.

The working group will present the list to the Representative Council, which makes decisions on the basis of the applications received. Badges will be distributed at the Student Union’s anniversary ball in February.

Further information on the acknowledgement insignia and how to apply for them is available from the Secretary General of the Student Union.

Best International Teacher

Each year, the Student Union hands out acknowledgements to distinguished teachers. The Hyvä opettaja and the Best International Teacher awards go to teachers who display an inspirational attitude towards their work and are genuinely interested in their students’ learning. The Executive Board of VYY chooses the award recipients based on propositions made by student organizations operating within VYY.

Accessibility statement

This is an accessibility statement for the Student union of the University of Vaasa website. The statement was created on the 13th of November 2020. The Student Union of the University of Vaasa’s website was launched on the 27th of August 2018. 

The accessibility has been assessed through self-assessment.


Status of accessibility

Conforms partly to the critical A & AA criteria.


Non-accessible content

We do not yet comply with the EU's accessibility directive.

The following things need to be fixed: 

  • The purpose of the links is not clear from the context. It is not clear from the links whether the link will take the user away from the original page.
  • PDF-documents are not accessible. 

The website is currently undergoing a technical review by a website service provider and the accessibility issues found in the review are being fixed.


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Contact information of the supervisory authority

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland

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Contact the board or the staff of the Student Union

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