Services for student organizations

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Services for student organizations

The Student Union offers services, benefits and support for student organizations within VYY.

Services for organizations

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Training and advice

Student organization training

VYY arranges practical training for student organizations and their members according to their need and demand. In all matters relating to student organization activities and training, please contact the board member responsible of organizations.

Founding a new organization

Can’t find your favorite hobby or activity from among the student organizations on campus? You can always found your own organization or association. Founding an organization or association involves thorough planning and a certain amount of red tape. The Finnish patent and registration office has all the necessary information. Organizations operating within VYY are also eligible for project support.

Event organizing guidelines

On 10.4.2018 the VYY board decided to adopt new Event Organizing Guidelines for the Student Union. The guidelines consist of principles that obligate both the event organizers and participants. All future VYY events adhere to the guidelines. On 17.2.2022 the VYY board decided to adopt new Event Organizing Guidelines for the Student Union.



  • Events are designed to be as attainable and accessible as possible. Events are designed so that they do not put participants in humiliating or distressing situations.
  • Our values and rules are communicated openly in event marketing and during the events
  • Contact persons are clearly defined for each event and there is information about the anti-bullying persons, or “hyvis” in Finnish,  in the event description



  • Harassment, discrimination, and bullying are not allowed
  • We respect the physical integrity and privacy of all participants
  • In our events we follow VYY’s safer space policy



  • If there is a problem situation, we intervene as soon as possible and try to talk it out together with the events anti-bullying persons (“hyvis” in Finnish)
  • For possible problems that might occur in the event, the event organizers need to provide an option to contact the event’s organizers anonymously (for example, google forms)
  • If the problem persists after the event and outside help from a neutral party is needed to resolve the situation, contact the VYY harassment contact person (​​)


Events and benefits for organizations

Organizational fair and freshmen events

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa (VYY) is helding a student organization fair every autum. This year the fair takes place on Tuesday September 25th and on Wed 26th at 10-14 on both days in the lobby of Erkki restaurant in Fabriikki building. Participation is free! On Tue Sept 25th the different student organisations promote their activities and on Wed Sept 26th the local culture organisations  from Vaasa promote their activities.

VYY is also arranging many events and activities for freshmen in the beginning of the semester which are also a great place for organizations to promote their activities. If your organizations wants to take part in freshmen events you can contact VYYs tutorcoordinators. 


Benefits via OLL

VYY is a member of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL), Benefits offered by OLL related to music playback agreements and accident insurance are available for sports events organized by student organizations and clubs operating within VYY.

For more information on OLL membership benefits you can contact the borad member responsible for organizational affairs or see the Finnish Student Sports Federation website.


Facilities at the University

The Student Union has also negotiated an agreement with the University of Vaasa on renting facilities offered by the University to organizations or associations operating with the Student Union. The University facilities are available free of charge for student organization use on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00, provided that the premises have not been booked already. Student organizations and associations can book rooms at the University through the university facility services.


Leipätehdas sauna and meeting room

Student discounts for Leipätehdas (also known as Leipis) premises are also available for student associations' own use. For any other use than private or association use, a normal rent price will be charged. See the Facilities -page for prices.


Student Union house Domus Bothnica

VYY offers its members and associations operating within the Student Union the member discount based on the pricelist (available only in Finnish) for one day rental prices. The member discount for Wärtsilä Hall bookings Monday through Thursday is 50% and 15% for ABB-sauna Monday through Wednesday.

Reservations and enquiries of the Domus Bothnica facilities can be made by e-mail at or by phone at +358 44 324 8980.



At VYY service office you can borrow yard- and boardgames and other other equipments. More information from the Student Union's service office.


PA system

Rent for PA system for VYY members and student organizations is 60€/day.

Make reservation to Leipis sauna

The sauna and conference facilities are located in the center of Vaasa in Hietasaarenkatu 14