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Student medias on campus

Get to know student medias that are produced by different organizations operating within VYY.

A large number of various organizations, associations, societies, and clubs operate within the University community as well as within the Student Union. These organizations produce different kinds of student media. 

Get to know these student media which are produced by different organizations operating within VYY. Please note that the student medias are mostly in Finnish

Are you from an organization within VYY, and you produce student media that you wish would be listed on this page? Please, contact VYY's board member responsible for organizational affairs or communications specialist!

CoMedia ry: Subject association magazine Camp

Camp is CoMedia's very own subject association magazine. It is a non-binding student newspaper, and it is edited by volunteer communication students. Camp's tasks include acting as a source of information for communication students and other student union members. In addition, it acts as CoMedia's spokesperson and as an information channel between the organization and the membership. It offers communication students the opportunity to gain experience working as a journalist. Our goal is to look at communication, our organization and the University of Vaasa from many different perspectives.


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CoMedia ry: Podcast Composti

Composti is the podcast of CoMedia, the subject association of communication students at the University of Vaasa. The podcast was launched in December 2020. The podcast deals with the everyday life of communication students, and the topics of the episodes vary from light banter to work-related content. In the studio, CoMedia's board, members and guest stars, for example representatives of other subject associations, can speak about varying topics.


Listen to Compost on Spotify


CoMedia ry: Blog

CoMedia's blog works as one of the communication channels of the communication students at the University of Vaasa. The blog informs about future and past events. The blog also contains posts about general issues affecting the field of communication or CoMedia's members. The blog can be found on CoMedia's website.


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Warrantti ry: Subject association magazineWykyzine

Warrantti's subject association magazine is called Wykyzine and it's published four times a year. The magazine's themes vary depending on the season and current topics. Between the covers you will find informative as well as more entertaining content. Warrantti's Media division's magazine editors publish Wykyzine. 


Read Wykyzine on Issuu

Warrantti ry: Podcast W-podi

W-Podi is a podcast launched by Warrantti in 2021, which discusses topics concerning business students and general business studies at the University of Vaasa. Podcast consists of informative discussions, such as episodes about business collaborations and major subjects, and entertaining and relaxed episodes. Warrantti's Media division's podcast team produces W-podi.


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Warrantti ry: Blog

Warrantti's marketing division and Warrantti's board writes and updates a blog on their website. You can read blog posts about up-to-date issues on well-being and wellness. 


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Wappuradio Wapina

Wappuradio Wappina is a wappuradio founded in 2014 and executed annually. Engineering students from Vaasa run radio Wapina. The radio operates approximately for 10 days during wappu celebrations and broadcasts alternative entertainment in the form of an online radio. Students on campus, from freshers to senior academics, can give radio hosting a try. Wapina's studio is located on the campus of the University of Vaasa and expands Vaasa's student culture by making everyone's voice heard across fields of study. During wappu, give Wapina a listen!


Listen to wappuradio Wapina

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