Help regarding harassment situations

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Help regarding harassment situations

VYY has two harassment contact persons whose purpose is to provide support and advice in situations of bullying, harassment and other situations. Conversations with the harassment contact person are completely confidential and the harassment contact persons are bound by professional secrecy. 

The harassment contact persons provide advice on how to handle the situation and support in the process. The purpose is to find the most suitable solution for the person involved, and to direct them to the necessary services.

The harassment contact persons also offer assistance to organizations operating on campus. There are anti-bullying persons in student associations and the tutorproject, who can be contacted at all times as well.

Harrasment can also be reported anonymously using a form.

No further action can be taken on the basis of anonymous reports. For example, general equality findings can be reported in the form. Anonymous reports will be communicated to the harassment contact person. So please leave your contact information or contact us by email if you want the situation to be forward.


Harassment contact persons


Elli Uusi-Kokko

Elli Uusi-Kokko
Harassment contact person
044 324 8961


Lauri Tuohiniemi

Lauri Tuohiniemi
Harassment contact person
044 324 8964


What to do if you run into inappropriate conduct?

  • Make it clear to the person that their action was inappropriate

  • If you don't have the courage to confront this person, you can ask for a friend or event organizer to accompany you. You can also write them a message.

  • Write down the place and time when the situation happened and who was involved in the situation

  • Keep evidence of the situation for further processing

  • Contact the Student Union harassment contact person

  • If the situation requires action, take action (contact the security personell or call 112)


What to do if you are accused of harassment?

  • When you hear you have behaved inappropriately, stop the unwanted behavior, discuss the situation with the parties (if they wish), and apologize.

  • React. It is better to solve the situation as early as possible.

  • Be sure to have a constructive discussion.

  • Even if you don’t think you have behaved inappropriately, don’t belittle another person’s experience. Respect the other person’s experience and feeling.

  • The accused has the right to be heard and to present their views on the matter. It is also a good idea for the accused to contact the harassment contact person or another third party.

  • If you are guilty of harassment, you are responsible for the harassment yourself. You may be held criminally liable for your work or pay damages to someone who has been harmed.


How does the Student Union Harassment contact person operate?

  1. The harassment contact person has been contacted

  2. The harassment contact person will hear from the person who experienced the harassment and find out the needs for further action. There is no obligation to take further action, the harassment contact person can only discuss the situation if the person wishes.

  3. If the person who experienced the harassment wants the situation to be taken forward, the harassment contact person then discusses the harassment with the accused and finds out the other party’s views on what happened.

  4. If both parties wish, the harassment contact person will suggest a discussion between all parties. The harassment contact person may, if the participants so wish, facilitate the conversation or be absent from the conversation.

  5. Both parties will be offered the opportunity for a follow-up.

Other useful contact information and links


Ostrobothnia's 24h/day social emergency service

  • Phone: 06 325 2347
  • You can get urgent help related to life management, mental health or substance abuse from the social emergency service. The social emergency works in cooperation with the healthcare emergency, the rescue service, the police, the emergency center and other authorities.



Contact the board or the staff of the Student Union

The board and the staff are happy to tell you more about the Student Union and how to participate!