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Contact information

The Student Union office, the executive board, the chair of the representative council and Student Union staff

Contact information

Post address:
PL 700
65101 Vaasa

Office address:
Puuvillakuja 8
65200 Vaasa

044 324 8980 between may and july  mon-fri 10 - 15.00

The Domus Bothnica building

The Student Union staff office as well as the student organization mail boxes are located in the Domus Bothnica building. Domus Bothnica is open on weekdays between 9-15.


Invoicing Information

We hope that all invoices are delivered as e-invoice.

Vaasan yliopiston ylioppilaskunta
Y-id: 0183704-8
E-invoice address: 003701837048
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)
Operator ID when sending through bank network: DABAFIHH*
*Use this operator ID, if invoices cannot be directly sent to the Maventa operator ID from the e-invoicing system in use.

Receiving invoices by email to the scanning service

Please only send invoices to this address. The invoices are sent to the service as PDF attachments of the email and they must be in the same file as the invoice itself.
Email invoice address:

Service office

The VYY Service office is located in the Konttori building at address puuvillakuja 8. Staff of the Student Union is responsible of the service office. From service office you can get the academic year stickers, keys to facilities and general advice. Also you can buy Student Union merchandise.

Other student union's office facilities and mailboxes for the student organizations can be found next to the service office.

Service office opening hours

Mon closed
Tue-Thu 10-14
Fri 10-13

Exceptions to the opening hours

The student union's service office is on a break for the summer from May 13th to August 12th. During this time you can only visit the service office by making an appointment. Please note that summer holidays might effect the response time for our staff and board members. 




Executive board and representative council

Emma Lehtonen

Chair of the Executive Board

Emma Lehtonen

044 324 8965

Emma is involved in the Opiskelijan Vaasa - Vaasa Studerande cooperation network.

Sofié Leikkilä

Vice-Chair of the Executive Board, Corporate relations, Tutoring

Sofié Leikkilä

044 324 8968 (calls only)


Jenni Hiltunen

Social Affairs, Sustainability

Jenni Hiltunen

044 324 8966


Maria Saita

Municipal Affairs, Communications

Maria Saita

044 324 8977


Jonni Kuortti

Educational Affairs

Jonni Kuortti

044 324 8962


Jonni is the Chair of the Committee of Student Interests.

Roni Haakana

Organizational Affairs, Member Services

Roni Haakana

044 324 8963


Lotta Salminen


Lotta Salminen



Alina Järvipetäjä


Alina Järvipetäjä
Tiina Saukko

Chair of the Representative Council

Tiina Saukko


Vaasa University Student Union employs salaried staff. The staff serve the Student Union members and work in close cooperation with the University.

The Secretary General acts as a supervisor for the VYY staff. Staff assignments are described in the job descriptions (available in Finnish). VYY Staff can be reached at the Student Union office in the Konttori Building, from the address Puuvillakuja 8. All VYY actives can be contacted via e-mails The whole board can be contacted through email and every VYY active from e-mail

Lauri Tuohiniemi

Secretary General

Lauri Tuohiniemi

044 324 8964

Telegram: @VYYpaasihteeri


On holiday 17.6.-14.7.2024


The Secretary General is responsible for the administrative and financial matters of the Student Union. They are the chief of staff.

They are also a harassment contact person at the Student Union.

Elli Uusi-Kokko

Specialist in Students Interests

Elli Uusi-Kokko

044 324 8961

Telegram: @VYYedunvalvonta


On holiday 1.7-28.7.2024


Specialist in Student Interests is a specialist in social and education policy, as well as in related international affairs. They are also a harassment contact person at the Student Union.

Sara Alasuutari

Communications Specialist

Sara Alasuutari

044 324 8978

Telegram: @VYYviestinta


On holiday 1.6-16.6.2024


Communications specialist is responsible for communication matters of the Student Union.

Aapo Virtanen

Member services assistant

Aapo Virtanen

044 324 8969


On holiday 13.5-19.5.2024, 27.5-2.6.2024, 17.6-30.6.2024 ja 10-14.7.2024


Member services assistant assists students at the student union service office. 

Kaisla Törmälä

Appro Coordinator 2024

Kaisla Törmälä or



Aino Rouhiainen

Tutor Coordinator 2024

Aino Rouhiainen or


Tutor coordinator is responsible for the tutoring of new Finnish-speaking degree students.

Helen Rankaviita

International Tutor Coordinator 2024

Helen Rankaviita or


International tutor coordinator is responsible for the tutoring of new students in the international degree programs.



Election Coordinator

Tiina Salmi

VYY Holding Oy Chair of the Board

Tiina Salmi

Make reservation to Leipis sauna

The sauna and conference facilities are located in the center of Vaasa in Hietasaarenkatu 14