Apply for Maija Niinioja-stipend

You can now apply for the Student Union of University of Vaasa’s (VYY) Maija Niinioja Stipends for the year 2019. The Maija Niinioja Stipend is annually granted acknowledgement for students of University of Vaasa who have succeed in their studies.

The criterion for the stipends are:
1.    the applicant has registered as attending for the academic semester or has graduated for the university less than year ago,
2.    the applicant has not received Maija Niinioja Stipend before,
3.    the applicant has at least 120 credits and has written bachelor’s thesis in the University of Vaasa or in master program the applicant has at least 60 credits and has written master’s thesis in the University of Vaasa
4.    the applicant delivers all required information with the application to the Student Union. 

In case the application and the required attachments are delivered via email, all the documents must be scanned in one attachment/document.
All the student of the University of Vaasa can apply the stipend. Along with the success in the studies the applicant’s civic activation in the university community during studies is taken in notice. The final decision of the size and the amount of the stipends is made by the representative council of the Student Union.   
The application for the Stipend is formed from three parts: the application form, the application letter and attachments. The application form is available as a link in end of this article, at the service office of Student Union or you can ask for it by email from the Secretary General. The needed attachments are listed in the application form. In the application letter the applicant has to argue why him or her should get the stipend. The form of the letter is free but it should not be more than two pages (A4 size).
The applications along with all the attachments must be delivered to the Secretary General on Friday 14th December 2018 at 1 pm latest. Applications arriving after that are not noted in the selection.

The applications can be delivered to the Student Union service office, by email to paasihteeri@vyy.fi or by post to Vaasan yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, pääsihteeri, Yliopistonranta 5, 65200 Vaasa.
More information of the stipends and applying them from the Secretary General Kaisa Paavola, paasihteeri@vyy.fi, +358 443 248 964.

Application form:

29th November 2018
The Student Union of the University of Vaasa
Kim Kujala                                                 Kaisa Paavola
Chair of the Executive Board                    Secretary General

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