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Week of well-being

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Week of well-being

The week of well-being is a yearly event for students and staff at the university, hosted by the University of Vaasa together with The Student Union of the University of Vaasa in collaboration with university key partners. The focus of the event is always on well-being with varying themes. All events are free of charge and open to all students as well as staff at the University of Vaasa. The week of well-being has been arranged at the University since 2011.

Week of well-being 2019

Week of Well-being schedule

This year the event will be held in week 44 between Monday 28.10. and Friday 1.11. and the theme of the week is mental well-being.


MONDAY 28.10.

12-14 Opening ceremony and a lecture: Kati Sirkola: Positiivinen elämänasenne - kantava voima, Nissi Auditorium

14-15 Coffee tasting, D115 (Advance registration: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Kahvinmaistelu_5675)


TUESDAY 29.10.

10-12 Lecture: Käytännön vinkkejä parempaan unenlaatuun, F104 

11-13 Mini-fair, Mathilda lobby

13-14 Safety walk in Tervahovi building (Advance registration: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Turvallisuuskavelyt_hyvinvointiviikolla_6016/en)

14-15 Wasa Vertical: Vinyasa Flow, Wärtsilä hall



10-11 Safety walk in Fabriikki building (Advance registration: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Turvallisuuskavelyt_hyvinvointiviikolla_6016/en)

11-13 Mini-fair, Mathilda lobby

13-15 Lecture: Päihteet ja mielen hyvinvointi puheeksi korkeakoulussa -koulutus (KUPLA-hanke), Palomäki hall (Goals and content of the training: https://www.vyy.fi/dataflow/vyy/files/media/pihteetjamielenhyvinvointipuheeksikorkeakoulussakoulutus_30102019_472.pdf)



10-11 Wasa Wellness: Laughter Yoga, Wärtsilä hall

11-12 Lecture: Oman jaksamisen jaksamisen tukeminen yliopistoyhteisössä, Study Psychologist Ray Ohtonen and Chief Psychologist of YTHS Vaasa Priska Pennanen, B203

12-15 Lecture: Pidä huolta itsestäsi - Mielen hyvinvointi ja elämänhallintataidot, Kurtén Auditorium

15-16:30 Care dogs visiting, Lobby at Wärtsilä hall


FRIDAY 1.11.

9-10 Coffee tasting, D115 (Advance registration: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Kahvinmaistelu_5675)

10:15-11 Workshop: Älykkäitä välineitä – Parempia tuloksia -project

12-13 Pihlajalinna: Well-being walk (Start from Tritonia)

13-14 Juvenes customer jury, D115

14-15 Relaxing workshop, C209

During the whole week:

  • Wasa Sports Club and Ladies Club & Spa gym and group exercises are available for free mon-fri 8:00-21:00, sat 10:00-18:00 and sun 12:00-21:00 
  • Get to know the University Sports Services - All sports are available for free without the sticker during the week of well-being!
  • Vuokko cabinet in Tritonia turns into a relaxation room during the well-being week. Go and have a break on a sofa or a Fatboy chair, try weighted blankets, and enjoy the relaxing music!
  • Juvenes serves vegan food at Erkki and cafe Oskar has a breakfast offer during the whole week of well-being!


Well-being pass and lottery

Get a well-being pass and collect stamps to enroll in a lottery to win great prizes! During the week it is possible to collect stamps from all the events to a well-being pass (1 stamp /day). You can get the well-being pass from the well-being mini-fair and all the other events during the well-being week. By collecting at least 2 stamps and returning the pass to any of the campus collection boxes you can earn wll-being master's overall batch and you will be taking part in a lottery and have a chance to win great prizes, such as gift cards or university items. You can return your well-being pass to the info of Tervahovi or the Student Union's service office. Please notice that the well-being master overall batches are given only at the minifair on Tuesday and Wednesday and at the Student Union's service office.

To participate in the lottery, please return your pass at the latest on Wednesday 6th of November!

In cooperation

Contact the board or the staff of the Student Union

The board and the staff are happy to tell you more about the Student Union and how to participate!