Week of well-being

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Week of well-being

The week of well-being is a yearly event for students and staff at the university, hosted by the University of Vaasa together with The Student Union of the University of Vaasa in collaboration with university key partners. The focus of the event is always on well-being with varying themes. All events are free of charge and open to all students as well as staff at the University of Vaasa. The week of well-being has been arranged at the University since 2011.


This year the Week of Well-Being will be held 7.-11.11.2022. More information about the program is coming soon!

Week of well-being schedule

Week of Well-being schedule

This year the Week of Well-Being is held on week 45 (7.-11.11.2022). 

Contact the board or the staff of the Student Union

The board and the staff are happy to tell you more about the Student Union and how to participate!