Aino Rouhiainen and Helen Rankaviita in front of the Domus Bothnica building

New tutor coordinators have started their work

Aino Rouhiainen has been selected as the new tutor coordinator and Helen Rankaviita as the new international tutor coordinator for VYY. The tutor coordinators will be responsible for organizing the tutor project this fall, as well as the preparations, recruitment and training related to the project. In addition, the work of the international tutor coordinator will continue after the autumn project with the preparation of the tutoring for students starting their studies in the spring.

Rouhiainen is responsible for tutoring in degree programmes in Finnish and is a communications student at the University of Vaasa. She has experience in VYY's tutoring project both as a tutor and tutor educator. Rouhiainen has also been on the communications subject association, CoMedia ry's board. 

"The tutor project is definitely my favorite of the VYY projects, so I had to get involved once again in the role of coordinator! I already have experience as a tutor and educator, so I'm looking forward to seeing what my new role as coordinator will offer. A year without tutor project is like Vara-Mika without limbs!" Rouhiainen laughs.

Rankaviita, who is responsible for tutoring for international degree programmes, is studying electrical engineering and energy technology at the University of Vaasa. Her previous experience includes tutoring at her upper secondary school and working as a staff member at Wykypäivät.

"Participating in the tutor project has been on my mind throughout my studies, and I am lucky to have been involved in developing the project.
I have not been involved in the tutor project before, but I am very motivated and the master plan is ready to be executed. I'm looking forward to getting the project kicked off properly and tackling the challenges ahead!" Rankaviita says joyfully.

The coordinators work in close cooperation with the VYY Board and office. "It's great to start this year's tutor project! The project is very important to create a memorable start to the fall for the new students and to make them feel welcome in Vaasa and on campus. We have selected two skilled coordinators to create this year's tutor project, and I look forward to working with the whole project team," says Sofié Leikkilä, the board member responsible for tutoring.

The work of the tutor coordinators starts with orientation sessions, planning the project schedule and launching the tutor recruitment process. If you are interested in applying to join the tutor project, check out the open tutor educator application and the tutor application opening on Monday 4.3 in the Join us section of our website.

More information

Sofié Leikkilä
Vice Chair of the Board, Tutoring
044 324 8968 (calls only)

Lauri Tuohiniemi
Secretary General
044 324 8964 

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