Laura Karppinen

Laura Karppinen has started as a temp for VYY’s Specialist for Student’s Interests

VYY's Board has hired Laura Karppinen as a temp for the Specialist in Student's Interest. In this position, Karppinen will work on issues related to education, social policy and international affairs.

"I am very excited about the next three months. I am looking forward to learning new things, but also to continuing my work in the Student Union on issues that are important to me," says Karppinen.

Karppinen has previously worked in VYY´'s Board and was then responsible for educational affairs. In addition, Karppinen has strong experience as a student representative and from student organizations.

"Laura has experience in advocacy work, as well as in student union activities. I believe that during the spring she will be able to share a lot of her own expertise with the current Board and support the work of our advocacy sector", says Lauri Tuohiniemi, Secretary General of the Student Union.


Lauri Tuohiniemi
Secretary General
044 324 8964 

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