The Student Union's updated corona guidelines for autumn 2021

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa has updated its guidelines regarding COVID-19. Guidelines include VYY’s recommendations and instructions to students and organizations regarding events during the pandemic. Events are organized according to the traffic light model. More detailed instructions will be found further down. VYY’s guidelines are made to supplement the guidelines provided by authorities and the University of Vaasa.

Vaasa hospital district is in the spreading phase of the coronavirus epidemic. The incidence rate per 100,000 people in the last two weeks is 215 (10.9). However, the Finnish Government has moved to a hybrid strategy. Regarding this strategy, the restrictions will be gradually removed. 72 % of Vaasa’s population has gotten their first vaccination, and 51 % have received both doses (Vaasa Hospital District). The restrictions for gatherings have not been extended after 8.9.2021.

VYY is in the green phase of the traffic light model from 13.9.2021 onwards. We recommend everyone organizing or participating in events to act responsibly and to follow any instructions given by the authorities.

The service office is open normally and the Leipis sauna facilities are available for bookings. The sauna  facilities can be booked on our website on vyy.fi/en/contact/facilities

When planning autumn events and other activities, it is good to take into account the development of the coronavirus situation. We all have a responsibility to prevent the virus from spreading, so we encourage everyone to follow the recommendations and act responsibly. You can find more information about the recommendations in force in the Vaasa area on the Vaasa Hospital District's website.


Traffic light model

We use a traffic light model that takes into account the ever-changing situation with the coronavirus. The model takes into account different situations in terms of event organization and other student activities. We review the situation regularly and update the guidelines as necessary. We will inform you about the color change on our website and Instagram.


Red time, proceed as follows:

  • During the red period, there are no physical mass events at all, such as student parties, annual balls, sitz parties, and other events where you may have difficulty following safety guidelines.

  • We recommend organizing remote events or other activities that do not require physical presence or contact.

  • Small events that follow the restrictions, such as meetings, can be arranged where safe distances can be kept. It must also be possible to attend the event remotely. Participants should be advised to wear a mask.

  • In the red period, the safety of hobbies must also be considered. Hobbies can be organized if allowed by the instructions given by the authorities.

  • During the red period, we do not recommend spending time in places where following safety instructions can be challenging. For example, we recommend avoiding nightclubs. In addition, you should not organize your own shadow parties.

  • The Student Union's service office only serves by appointment. Book an appointment on our website at vyy.fi/en/contact.


Yellow time, proceed as follows:

  • During the yellow time, outdoor events which are open to small groups and with hybrid restrictions or hybrid events can be organized. All events must comply with applicable gathering restrictions.

  • Hobby activities can be arranged if the safety instructions are implemented.

  • The event must have a nominated organizer, and the organizer will collect a list of names of the people attending the event.

  • The organizer of the event must instruct the participants on what kind of safety instructions must be followed in the event. A face mask is recommended for use in all public areas. Students should not organize their own shadow parties.

  • The face mask should always be worn indoors.

  • The service office is open normally. Remember safety distances, face masks and hand hygiene. You can find the opening hours of the service office at vyy.fi/en/contact.

Green time, proceed as follows:

  • Physical events can be organized.

  • When planning an event, the instructions of the authorities and the current situation must be actively followed.

  • Safety instructions should be kept in mind and safety intervals and hygiene should be taken care of.


VYY's instructions for event participants

Follow the information and instructions of the authorities as well as the student union and event organizers. Read the instructions for the different stages of our traffic light model.

  • Follow the current quarantine instructions and regulations. Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms or know you have been exposed to the virus.

  • We recommend that you bring face masks and hand sanitizer.

  • If you participate in the events, in addition to the official instructions, follow the instructions given by the event organizer. Be sure to register for the event as instructed by the organizer. Take care of the safety distances and stay in your own company or group during the event.

  • Let the organizations know if you see that safety instructions are not being followed by the venue, participants, or organization. Set an example with your own actions and encourage other participants to follow the instructions throughout the event.

  • Download the Koronavilkku application and keep your Bluetooth turned on.

  • Use hand sanitizer or washing facilities available at the event and take care of hand hygiene throughout the event. Use a face mask if you are in close contact with other people or do business indoors.


VYY's instructions for organizations

Events should be planned with safety first -mindset. Excessive alcohol consumption makes it difficult to follow safety instructions.

  • The security arrangements for the event are always the responsibility of the organizer. If the organizer feels that the security arrangements cannot be implemented or significantly change the nature of the event, it is advisable not to organize the event.

  • All events must comply with the safety regulations of the authorities throughout the event.

  • The organizer of the event ensures that there is a possibility to wash and/or disinfect hands at the event. In addition, the organizer is responsible for ensuring that safety intervals are met throughout the event.

  • A list of participants must be collected from the persons participating in the event. The list of participants must be kept for three weeks after the event and after that, the data must be deleted. The participants must be notified of the collection and use of the list of participants. Below you will find more detailed instructions on how to compile a list of participants to facilitate the tracing of infection chains.

  • Adequate distances between the participants must be made possible during the event. Hygiene instructions and safety distances must be communicated, for example by signs, throughout the event.

  • If the participants in the event are in close contact with each other, the use of a mask should be recommended at the event. Whenever possible, the event organizer may provide masks to attendees to increase their use in the event.

  • At events, you should avoid distributing food or drink to participants. If something is distributed to participants, it should be done hygienically and the products should be in individual packages. Participants should be advised to use alcohol in moderation, as the safety instructions are easily forgotten when intoxicated.

  • If the participants are divided into several groups/locations during the event, care must be taken that the participants do not interfere with each other. Events involving small groups should also be planned to keep the groups separate.

  • Plan in advance how the necessary toilets will be arranged and make sure that hand sanitizer is available and that good hand hygiene is possible to maintain. In addition, it is necessary to plan how to act in the event if the safety instructions cannot be followed or exposures occur in the event.

  • Even if the situation allows for the organization of physical events, the organization of remote events is still worth considering. This takes into account, for example, students at risk and those who do not feel safe at physical events.

  • If coronavirus infections occur after the event, contact the authorities and follow their instructions. We hope that you will report any infections and exposures to VYY's Chair of the Executive Board (elmo.nikula@vyy.fi).

  • The organizers of the event must set an example with their behavior. For example, when the safety distances and the use of face masks are done by the organizers, it is easier for the participants to act safely.


How to gather a list of participants to help trace the chains of infection?

The participants must be notified of the collection and use of the list of participants. The list must be able to be distributed to the health authorities, the university, and the student union. Any sharing of information should be reported to the participants at the time of data collection. The required retention period for the list of participants is three weeks, after which the data must be destroyed.

To trace the infection chains, it is important to know who has been at the event at any given time. If only the list of participants is known, tracing the exposed will become more challenging. Collect information at the event on the people entering and leaving with the times. This is especially important when it comes to an event organized indoors. Collecting participants’ contact information helps with the tracking work. It is a good idea to collect at least a name and telephone number from the participants.

Be sure to include people representing the event organizer in the list as well! Persons who are not on the attendance list should not be admitted to the venue.


About the guidelines

For more information on the guidelines, please contact Aada Mäkelä (aada.makela@vyy.fi), the board member responsible for events, or Elmo Nikula (elmo.nikula@vyy.fi), Chair of the Executive Board.

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