Student Union office’s tips for remote studying

Due to University studies, many students already have good skills to study remotely and in a self-directed way. However, a sudden change in the way you study can cause challenges, which is why we put together tips for distance learning:


Hold on to routines, if possible, or create new routines for yourself!

Wake up in the morning as if you were going to campus to study, don't snooze just because you don't have to leave home! Take a short walk in the morning and afternoon as if you were leaving and returning from campus: you will get some fresh air and be ready for the day of studying.


Create a workstation in your home where can you study!

Keep the workstation as separate as possible from where you rest. Do not study on the couch or bed! Working in peace increases learning, so if you live with a roommate or a spouse, schedule in working hours to focus on studying.

Take care of time management, it requires more attention in distance learning!

Write down all the important dates, such as the last due dates, and set smaller milestones for each day. These can be handled conveniently with for example a to-do list. If working many hours in a row feels numbing and you feel like losing your concentration, try to take a 15-minute break after every 45 minutes of study.

You can also get distance learning tips from the student psychologist's Time Management ABC video (only in Finnish): https://blogs.univaasa.fi/tuys/2020/03/16/ajanhallinann-abc/


Turn your phone on mute and put it out of sight!

You won’t lose your focus with every new message and you will not be tempted to browse social media as you study. You can always check your messages during breaks!


Take care of your study ergonomics and remember to take a break!

If you are not used to studying at home, or if you do not have a desk and a work chair, be sure to pay special attention to working ergonomics and to take breaks while studying. The University of Vaasa has started using Break Pro break exercise program, which you can download to your phone and computer through your student email. More information here: https://www.univaasa.fi/en/news/vaasan_yliopisto_ottaa_kayttoon_break_pro_taukoliikuntaohjelman/


Keep in touch with friends!

Familiar coffee and lunch breaks from the campus can be held remotely with your friends. This way you can easily hear how your friends are doing and you don’t have to spend breaks alone. This way you can also really take breaks and not eat while you study.

There are also plenty of opportunities for distance learning in groups and you should take advantage of these opportunities!


Forget Wolt, now is the time to try new recipes!

Even if you are tempted to order food through Wolt while studying, now is the time to take the opportunity to try out new recipes. A self-made lunch will give you a good feeling and help you finish your study day.


Remember to give time for recovery!

When studying remotely thoughts can easily be completely caught up in studying. Decide what time you will end your study day and stick to the decision. Without "working hours", you get the feeling of studying around the clock.

So give yourself a break from studying and give time for hobbies. Whether your hobby is exercising, reading or watching movies, your hobbies will effectively take your thoughts away from studying and transform your home from a study space into a home again.


And lastly we wish you good luck with your studies for the rest of the semester!

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