Sara Alasuutari started as VYY’s new Communication Specialist

Sara Alasuutari has been hired as the new Communications Specialist of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa (VYY). Alasuutari started in the position on 22.11.2023.

Alasuutari, who is studying for a Master's degree in Communication, has previously worked for VYY in positions of trust, including as a member of the Board as well as Chair of the Board and the Representative Council. Alasuutari has worked in the field of communication, for example at the Finnish Association of Secondary School Students.

"I started my journey as a student activist in VYY, so it's great that I can jump into my first specialist position here. The transition feels like a natural progression after my positions of trust and I can't wait to see this side of the Student Union's work!" Alasuutari says happily.

The Communications Specialist is responsible for planning, managing and developing the Student Union's communications. In addition, the Communications Specialist works as part of the Student Union's community sector and supports the board members working in the sector in an expert role.

"We are happy to have someone with a great deal of communications experience and a long history of student union activities working with us. I believe that Sara's expertise will bring a new dimension to our long process of developing student union communications," says Lauri Tuohiniemi, Secretary General of VYY.


More information

Lauri Tuohiniemi
Secretary General
044 324 8964

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