Community sector's Sara, Aada, Olli and Henri smiling in a line.

Community sector’s autumn

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa’s (VYY) autumn was eventful, as per usual. The Student Union’s executive board updated members regularly on Instagram Stories, but after an eventful autumn, a quick summary might be needed. What did the community sector do this autumn?

Olli Karvonen, Vice-chair

This autumn has been memorable and amazing. At the end of August, we, along with our tutor project and student organizations, welcomed new freshers into our community. A massive thank you to our tutor project and student organizations!

The operating environment of our sector changed rapidly during the autumn. It was amazing to see the attitude, with which our entire sector started creating new events, that have never been done before in the history of our Student Union. That tells a lot about the spirit of being a member of our Student Union: “from students to students” and “because of the love for the community”.

After the gathering restrictions were removed, we were able to organize live events, which we have waited for a long time. It is impossible to get the same atmosphere through screens and it was great to see all the joy and excitement among the fellow students in Kampussitsit, just to mention one example. Hopefully we’ll meet again at future events!


Sara Alasuutari, Organizational Affairs

After the corona situation eased in the autumn, we finally got some normality in organizational activities. After a long period of silence, it has been great to see how organizations have boldly started to create and try new things and develop their activities. Indeed, several organizations have taken bold steps to develop events and administration.

The end of autumn is traditionally a busy time for organizations: the past year and its activities are compiled, planning the next year begins and next year's board members are chosen. During the autumn, I was pleased to notice that associations and organizations have attracted new actives. . The boards have been filled with enthusiastic and knowledgeable people at the autumn meetings, and I look forward to seeing what the coming year brings.


Henri Miettinen, Business Relations

When it comes to business relations, we have finally moved to the 21st century. Our contracts have been moved from a physical folder to an electronic format into our electronic systems. I have also been able to concentrate more on events. For example, our Happiest students campaign, organized together with other student communities of Vaasa, has come to an end. During the campaign, we have created even stronger bonds with the other communities.

Next year there will be some changes in the business relations position, as membership services will be included in this position. 


Aada Mäkelä, Culture and Events

Autumn has been the golden age of events! The corona situation has finally reached the point where we were able to organize some live events. I am sure that there was at least something for everyone in the autumn.

My hands have been full of event organization. Whenever one event is over, I have already been planning the next one. I have been able to organize traditional events such as the beautiful Independence Day torchlight procession (together with ÅAS, yes !!) and develop new concepts such as Campus sitz! The autumn has been very rewarding, and I have learned so many new things (including filling up permit applications endlessly) but also unleashed my own creative side. 

Maria Mellanen, Communications Specialist

In regards to VYY’s communication, the autumn has been quite busy. Tutor project in the early autumn, Administration student representatives (HallOpEd) recruitment, and the Representative Council elections have made sure that there hasn't been a boring moment during my workdays. 

The Representative Council elections were the biggest project of the autumn. I started the campaign planning in the spring, and we ended up using VYY's policy paper in the campaign. For the campaign, we picked various slogans that tell the political views of our student union. The campaign seemed to work and create interest in VYY's activities, as the turnout was the highest since 1995!

After the election, we conducted an election survey, in which we collected opinions on the elections - communication, how the election was conducted, etc. The results will be used to develop the next representative council elections and how we communicate on the representative council during its term. Thank you to everyone who answered the survey!