Jobless for the summer - a threat or a possibility?

During the spring, we have read news and heard from friends how summer jobs seem to be in short supply this summer. According to Duunitori, the number of summer job advertisements published on their service between 1.11.2023 and 14.5.2024 was around 35% lower than in the same period a year earlier. According to a survey carried out by Suomen Ekonomit, 80% of business students have found it more challenging to find a summer job this summer. Therefore, it's not worth blaming yourself if you haven't got a summer job. The summer is a great time to advance your studies and also to get financial support to complete them.

The University of Vaasa's own summer courses can be found at Jolla. Unfortunately, the courses are listed only in the Finnish version of Jolla. There are also many other providers of summer courses. These include open universities, summer universities and other institutes around Finland. Many of the courses are online and can be taken wherever you are. The website of the Open University of Vaasa offers you a convenient way to find their courses. In addition to the courses listed, you can search for summer courses on the websites of other open universities and summer universities. For example, the University of Eastern Finland offers summer courses in business and social sciences that are open to all. Some courses might be available only in Finnish. FITech courses, on the other hand, are free technology courses that anyone can take. So why not take a look at the range of courses outside your own field?

You can check the suitability of a course for your degree from your study counsellor. If there is a fee for the course, you can apply for compensation from the university. For more information on compensation for study fees, see Jolla (studies - completion and assesment studies - recognition prior learning and other competence - compensation study fees).

What about other financial support during the summer? If you complete enough studies during the summer, you may be able to withdraw financial support for the summer from Kela. You can also use any student loans you have not withdrawn during the summer. If you are not entitled to student financial aid, you may be entitled to social assistance. Kela's customer service can help you to cope with the aid jungle, so don't hesitate to contact them.

Summer studies can be a great way to develop your skills and advance your studies outside the academic year. Take advantage of the different opportunities, but above all remember to recharge your batteries and rest, you deserve it!


Jonni Kuortti 
Board member, educational affairs